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Cara Melebatkan dan Sihatkan Rambut dengan CANNES

BELLA IDURA Testimonial

Bella mengenali Cannes ini daripada lip balm yang Bella pernah dapat tahun lepas. Bila ada kawan cerita yang dia tengah guna shampoo dari Cannes, Bella sangat teruja juga nak cuba. Sebab, lip balm yang Bella cuba tu, bagus dan sesuai sangat untuk Bella. Bella pakai sikit – sikit sebab sayang. Hahaha. Nanti Bella cerita pasal lip balm tu. Jadi, berbekalkan pengalaman lepas menggunakan brand Cannes ini, sangat sesuai dan serious best dan berbaloi – baloi sangat bila guna, wajiblah Bella cuba Shampoo brand Cannes juga. Target dan keyakinan Bella tinggi! supaya ia sebagus lip balm yang Bella pernah pakai. Sebab tu Bella nak cerita dan kongsikan dengan korang ni.

Bella Idura

Hijab, no more problems!

I wear the hijab but I cannot run away from hair loss problems. Probably because my hair is forced to be stretched strongly and permeated with sweat. Long time looking for the right shampoo, and finally I met with CANNES, shampoo for hair loss and dandruff.

Lisa Nurulain

Reduce excess oil

The material in Anti Hair Loss Shampoo is capable of reducing excess oil production in hair which can close the pores of the hair. It also means that the problem of blackouts will be resolved.

Ben Ashaari

No more itchiness

While searching for which shampoo is the right for me, I find out about CANNES products. So far, I’ve been in my 3 weeks, for hair loss problems, dandruff and itchiness almost 80% disappear.


Super soft hair

I have tried many hairfall shampoos in the past but from experience, many drugstore brands don’t really help with hair fall or stop working after a while. Overall, I’m enjoying all the benefits of super soooooft hair, smells really good, no more itchy sensitive scalp and less buildup on scalp.


90 yrs old mum’s break through

My mum’s hair slowly turning from totally white to black after consuming & applying Virgin Coconut Oil for few months. Orifera Virgin Coconut Oil  having hair turning black, pigmentation reducing, hair increases, radiant complexion after Virgin Coconut Oil are an added bonus to us. Most important is Virgin Coconut Oil helps to maintain our body internally & externally by balancing the hormones level which plays the most important part in a healthy body. Cannes Haircare series plays an important role in having a clowning glory too.

Grey to black

Dr. Joseph, my sister’s grey hair slowly turned black after few months using Virgin Coconut Oil products. Virgin Coconut Oil is our path to good health. She hasn’t dye her hair before this Her encounters with Virgin Coconut Oil is a great blessing. Continuously taking Virgin Coconut Oil plus applying onto scalp hair lead to a crowning glory including the use of Cannes Natural Handmade Shampoo, Conditioner, Serum & Tonic.

Thicker hair, less hair fall

My hair was getting thinner and falling out at a fast rate. I am still young and the last thing that I wanted to go through is losing my hair. I’m grateful to find out about Cannes from a friend because without it I will be bald by now!

Healthier hair

I feel much more positive about dealing with thinning and splitting hair strands, all thanks to Cannes. My hair has caused me so much anguish. I am glad that Cannes’s products especially the Advanced Crystal Repair Hair Serum, has helped my hair to heal naturally!