Natural Handmade Shampoo and Body Wash

The journey to healthy hair begins with a good foundation. This handmade Shampoo & Body Wash is carefully formulated from a combination of natural oils: castor, virgin coconut and olive, as well as natural ingredients or oils like tea seed cake extract, peppermint, lavender and Tualang honey.

USE FOR: Stimulating hair growth and promotion of oil-free, healthy scalp and hair


• Ricinoleic Acid from Castor Oil stimulates hair follicles for growth
• Natural formulation increases hair growth, strengthens roots and prevents natural hair fall, especially during pregnancies


• Reduces occurrence of dandruff on the scalp
• Prevents excessive production of scalp oil, instead maintaining it at all-natural levels


• Neutralizes toxicity from frequent colouring or intensive hair treatments
• Chemical-free, eliminating risk of inflammation, irritation or itchiness to the scalp.


Natural Handmade Shampoo & Body Wash 100 ml

  • PRICE: RM 20.00

  • Natural Handmade Shampoo & Body Wash 300 ml

  • PRICE: RM 40.00