Advanced Revitalizing Hair Conditioner

The perfect follow-up to a shampoo wash. This conditioner is designed to thoroughly cleanse the scalp, replace vitamins or essential oils that have been washed away and smoothen the outermost cuticle layer of hair strands, ensuring the result is a refreshed and revitalized head of hair.

USE FOR: A more thorough wash after shampooing, providing essential nutrients and vitamins for hair and the scalp


• Neutralises any unrinsed shampoo preventing it from clumping on the scalp
• Provides hair follicles with proper hydration, thus eliminating dry flakes and leaving hair silky soft
• Provides much needed oils and vitamins, improving scalp health and smoothening hair cuticles


• Ensures firmness and strength of hair, preventing damage, breakage or split ends
• Perfect for those wanting to preserve the texture and shape of their hair


• Enhanced with nutrients that naturally protect hair from the stresses of the environment
• Protects hair colour from harsh sunlight


Advanced Revitalizing Hair Conditioner 100 ml

  • PRICE: RM 25.00

  • Advanced Revitalizing Hair Conditioner 300 ml

  • PRICE: RM 70.00