Advanced Crystal Repair Hair Serum

Perfect for those who are adventurous with their hairstyles. Cannés Advanced Crystal Repair Serum is specially formulated with naturally forming compounds and amino acids – bringing new shine to your hair and protecting it, no matter how you wear it.

USE FOR: Returning a natural sheen to your hair and protecting it from the elements


• Contains formulations that improves texture of hair, preventing frizzing and allowing for more adventurous styling
• Softens hair and brings back your its natural, glossy shine


• Fills in gaps in hair follicles, further anchoring hair strands
• Ensures moisture remains in hair strands, preventing dryness and risk of breakage


• Forms a protective barrier from overexposure to sunlight, dirt and various pollutants
• Protects hair strands from becoming frizzled due to intense heat, particularly from hair dryers


Advanced Crystal Repair Hair Serum 100 ml

  • PRICE: RM 100.00