Our products are scientifically formulated to target the root of the problem: damaged hair follicles, a common symptom for hair loss. With the right combination of Cannes products, robust hair growth isn’t just possible – but achievable, in the comfort of your home.

Normal Hair Loss

Are you beginning to worry about higher-than-usual hair loss, thinning of hair or the formation of bald spots? Strengthen hair follicles and revitalize your crown with a proper wash and revitalizing treatment.


Colouring and Treatment

Hair colouring and treatments alter the chemical makeup of hair strands and may cause long-term damage. Constant moisturization and revitalization of hair roots is essential.


Unhealthy Hair Conditions

Are your hair strands brittle, thinning, splitting at the ends or constantly matted together? Give your hair some love and allow it to heal naturally.

*For Natural Hair

*For Colored and Treated Hair

Advanced Hair Loss

For those experiencing pattern baldness, such as alopecia areata, a carefully balanced treatment of revitalization and stimulation is required for healthy and long-lasting hair locks.

*For Normal Hair

*For Colored and Treated Hair

Dandruff Flecks

Suffering from dandruff? Fungus such as Malassezia Globosa irritate the scalp, causing it to react by shedding skin with the hopes of removing the irritant: hence dandruff. The right anti-dandruff treatments and care regime will be required to halt this process.