About Us



Cannés International was founded upon a strong conviction: that formulated hair care products should be both affordable and simple for daily use. We bring this belief to the world by blending cutting-edge bioscience with natural ingredients, formulating hair growth products that address the symptoms of hair loss directly – stimulating healthy growth of hair follicles and protecting hair strands from the stresses of modern living.

Since its founding, the company had grown from strength to strength. We are mindful of our customer’s needs, heartfelt to their desires and focused on a hands-on approach to hair growth. This is what drives us at Cannés International to continue developing our excellent range of effective products – and giving our customers hair care that they can count on.



Dr Joseph Lim

Founder, Technical Director

Cannes International

As both the Founder and Technical Director of Cannés International, Dr Lim is unwavering in his passion to bring professional hair care solutions into the homes of customers around the world. Armed with an Engineering Doctorate in Plant Process Engineering, as well as a propensity for technical work and serial innovation, Dr Lim formulated the company’s first product – the Cannés Natural Handmade Shampoo & Body Wash – to help his family with their scalp problems. The formula’s amazing results and subsequent success encouraged Dr Lim to push forward, creating a whole range of scientifically formulated bestsellers that have proven effective and sensible to the needs of our discerning customers.

Tan Wee Jin

Marketing Director

Cannes International

As Marketing Director of Cannés International, Tan has a strong desire to build socially conscious companies. An entrepreneur at heart, his constant focus is on strengthening the brand and its relationship with customers, as well as creating beneficial partnerships and collaborations that result in ground-breaking solutions for prevalent and complicated problems. Under Tan’s guidance, our commitment toward our Mission only continues to grow upwards and forwards, in tandem with our brand recognition across the world.


While our primary focus is towards introducing proven and scientifically-backed hair care solutions, we also do this with a conscious care towards preserving our society and the environment they live in.

Full of Care, not Chemicals

We create products with natural ingredients, not polluting compounds. We believe excellent hair care shouldn’t come at the environment’s expense.

Raising the Bar for our Products

We never cease to improve our products – with an eye on higher standards of quality, and the other on exceeding customer expectations.

Satisfaction Through Results

Our products are designed to be colour-blind and gender neutral, catering toward optimum results, regardless of hair type or condition.

Building Towards Smarter Consumption

We design our products to require as little water as possible for rinsing, be easy to apply, and be fast-drying. Whatever it takes to minimize wastage of precious time and resources.

Growth Across the Board

We enable our customers to obtain healthy hair growth, and subsequently, growth in their confidence. This requires us to constantly innovate new products to meet every hair care need.

Blending Science and Sense

Our products are made with the latest in bioscience technology, plus a clear understanding of our customer’s needs. The result? Highly affordable, effective and uncomplicated hair care.